Saturday, August 9, 2008


Not the band, and certainly not the book in the bible--this is a way of explaining what this funny little section of subwayhooker is all about.

I have a past.

I have a past in the arts, to be exact. And I find myself dusting off old anecdotes and stories of those times to the amusement of a sorry few. So I was enthralling my husband last night about some story or other, and he insisted that I start writing these things down. Now, I 'm not really inclined to share too much, but there has been a lot of nostalgia for the art scene of the 80's and 90's lately, and I figured this is as good a place as any to tell my part of the story.

So I'm going to dust off the images, cards, flyers, photos and reviews that start to tell my story of the arts in NYC. If you are only interested in crochet, you are more than welcome to ignore this part of No, really, it's okay. But I really do have a story to tell her, albeit in bits and pieces. Eventually they'll come together and make some kind of weird, creepy sense.

I think.


Anonymous said...

What about the Art Gallery you ran? Or your ex-boyfriend John Malkovich, the movie star you costumed in your other life? Or your weekly show at the Knitting Factory in NYC?

What about some images? Come on, I want to know it ALL...!

Anonymous said...

Oh... and fix that bloody masthead/banner.